Fabulous 52s

Dave Owen, local Ohio Valley musician, plays guitar in a classic rock band named The Fabulous 52s.  The band is composed of four members and are taking the Ohio Valley region by storm with their brand of rock, rock and soul.  Most of the guys have varied backgrounds, but all were brought up on rock from the sixties up to the present.  Of special note is Mark Chisnell, keyboardist for the band, who has a degree in piano performance and this is one of the many features that make the band great.  In addition, three of members sing, providing vocal harmony that is rather rare these days.  Check out our website:  www.fabulous52s.com to learn more about the band!

Personal Recording and Production

One of the things that Dave has been doing for decades is recording: recording himself, others and remote location venues.  One of the main reasons that he got into it was mere practicality.  Having played in many groups over the years, it seemed like many of the guys who worked with him got married and moved away, quit the music thing, or moved on to something else. Recording himself was the only answer to the problem, so he started getting more proficient on other instruments out of necessity and soon learned that it helped his overall musical chops.  It also gave him the complete freedom to do whatever he wanted without creative interference from other musicians. 
Great music is my only drug!

Dave Owen = Many Styles.

The criteria for good music for Dave Owen is actually whatever he likes if it is quality.  Any style is cool, so long as it is good and interesting harmonically! But to be fair, Dave does lean towards certain genres from the past - the five Bs:  Beatles, Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Bacharach and Beach Boys.  Vocal harmony has always intrigued Dave, but he has been known to dig many styles such as hard rock, country, classic rock, funk, pop, rhythm & blues, blues, acid rock, dance music, acoustic music, and the list goes on.  “I don’t want to be pidgeon-holed into any one genre”, Dave says.  “If it’s good, it’s good”!
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Editor’s Note: The song that you can click on above and play is called “Won’t You  Tell Me”, a song originally done by The Sunrays, but written by Murry Wilson, father to the Beach Boys’ Brian, Carl & Dennis Wilson. Complete story later!
“Won’t You Tell     Me”